Why Use Microscrubbers to Clean Floors

Source: cleanlink.com | Re-Post System4 3/16/2016 – 

While the mop-and-bucket mentality still prevails in many custodial departments, more facilities are investing in small, compact microscrubbers to improve efficiency and elevate the level of cleanliness.

Ranging in size from 13 to 17 inches, these compact floor machines often serve dual functions, such as sweeping and scrubbing, thereby reducing the need for multiple tools.

Keith Schneringer, director of channel marketing and sustainability for Waxie Sanitary Supply, San Diego, is seeing an increase in the use of microscrubbers in place of conventional mopping.

“As labor rates continue to rise, the challenge is, doing more with less,” he notes. “Anytime you add a machine to the cleaning equation, you have the ability to do more effective cleaning.”

According to distributors, using a mop and bucket for daily maintenance is “old school.” They also explain that improper mopping can be counterproductive and prone to human shortcomings.

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