Window Washing Do’s and Don’ts

Window washing commercial buildings has to be done and windows do help facilities make a good first impression. It is, however, unfortunately common for this task to be forgotten, go to long between services, or simply never done or managed. Window washing is important for facility managers to stay on top of to maintain and prolong the life of the glass but it also makes the building look great.

Check out these Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to washing windows at any facility!

DO have a maintenance schedule for window cleaning. Keep it consistent and know when the building needs to have window washing services performed. Exterior windows should be cleaned at least twice a year and more for highly visible display windows or buildings that are on particularly dusty, dirty, or downtown areas.

DON’T neglect the frequency of the building’s window washing services. Leaving salt and debris on windows after the winter, for example, will degrade the glass material and look dingy.

DO hire a professional cleaning service to wash windows. They will have the right equipment and experience to get the job done quickly and the glass looking clean and clear.

DON’T try to clean glass, especially exterior glass, yourself or task others in your building with the work. Those without the proper tools and experience will make a streaky mess, waste their time and money, and no one will be happy with the outcome.

DO make sure a window washing crews are using the proper equipment including buckets, squeegees, washer wands, sponges, rags, ladders, poles, and proper chemicals/detergents. When safety guards are necessary, ensure eyes and heads are protected.

DON’T allow cleaning crews to do the work without the correct tools or process. If the crew is taking too long or not using the proper tools, it will cause problems.

DO know what type of glass is being cleaned and how it should be done. Only use a razor blade to remove debris when glass is wet and apply the pressure in one direction. Change blades frequently and care for them properly.

DON’T use razor blades on tinted or treated glass and never use them without water. Using razors incorrectly will result in scratched or damaged windows. Never use an old, rusty, or chipped blade.

Following the correct process and frequencies for window washing is important for all businesses!

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