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Emergencies occur unannounced, requiring more of your time and flexibility. An emergency can occur overnight, and yet, as a business, you expect that the mess should be gone by daytime. When this happens, an emergency cleaning service can help you out.
Business level of hygiene is an essential aspect of attracting and maintaining your customers. Customers often use a level of hygiene to judge the quality of your business. In addition, a clean workspace boosts productivity because there is nothing to obstruct employees.

Businesses and Locations

We offer our emergency commercial cleaning services to every type of business, starting from a local eatery all the way to an industrial plant. You can find us in Indianapolis, West-field, Franklin, and all surrounding counties in Indiana.

Why does a company need an emergency commercial cleaning service?

Emergency commercial cleaning is a service that uses professional equipment and supplies that assist workers in cleaning in a short time. Commercial cleaning involves bigger, more challenging, and complex tasks that the janitorial staff cannot execute. Commercial jobs cover a bigger scale and tag along with health and safety guidelines to engage the harsh working conditions. It is specialized through training and experience for quality output and safety.

Commercial cleaning is difficult to handle due to complex infrastructure. It includes the following services.



Cleaning off debris and dust from the floor and other spaces in a commercial building is mandatory. It helps you maintain a dirt-free area so employees and allergic clients enjoy a healthy environment to conduct business efficiently.


Mopping the tiles and other hard floor areas

Regular cleaning of hard floors and tiles removes dust and germs that accumulate when people walk by. It also helps maintain the floor, increasing its durability.

Window Cleaning

Wiping and disinfecting glass surfaces

Clear glass surfaces create a tidy view across the building. It also kills pathogens that stick on the windows from coughs and touch from different people through disinfecting.

Cleaning Door Handles

Cleaning door handles and switches

Several people are constantly touching door handles and switches in a day. Pathogens accumulating on the mentioned surfaces mainly cause infections in commercial buildings. Therefore, these surfaces should always be clean to avoid illness.

Waste Bin

Waste bins

Waste bins are emptied and washed properly to avoid unpleasant odors and leaks around the bin that can upset your customers.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning and maintaining

A clean carpet lasts for a long time compared to one that is not properly cared for.

Why System4 of Indianapolis for Emergency Commercial Cleaning

The following are some benefits when you hire System4 of Indy for your emergency commercial cleaning services.

Increased Production

Business hygiene is directly related to its productivity. Outsourcing commercial cleaning and janitorial services are preferable compared to assigning your employees. When managers assign employees for emergency cleaning services, they will have to abandon their posts to focus on cleaning tasks. Cleaning is not done correctly, and the daily business objectives will not have been met. System4 Indianapolis provides services swiftly without interfering with your business, allowing you to utilize your employees to the maximum.

Affordable Services

It is cheaper to fund outsourced cleaning services since you only pay for the services received. When using your in-office cleaners, you will have to hire cleaning tools and equipment that you don’t have lying around your store. Outsourcing will spare you the burden of hiring and expose you to a world-class services cheaply.

Safety and Insurance

Cleaning companies train their employees on how to focus on their safety while working. From slippery floors to heights, at System4 we train our staff to be able to handle harsh working situations, especially when dealing with emergencies. Safety measures and regulations are part of our job, and workers are not allowed to step into the workplace without their safety gear. Insurance covers are also put in place for our staff if anything ever happens to them. In case of any damage by our staff, you will be refunded by our company as soon as possible.

Professional Crew with Experience

In-office workers find it hard to tackle emergency cleaning due to the workload. Cleaning re-quires special tools for different purposes and System 4 Indianapolis have all the tools needed. We train our staff to use our equipment that is regularly maintained for the best results. When our services are needed, we carry tools, equipment, and everything that will be required from our stores. Most of our staff are very skilled due to the experience they acquired while working with the best trainers.

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