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A clean and healthy environment is crucial for any business that aims at a prosperous future. Employees work efficiently when they are exposed to a hygienic workplace. Whenever clients visit a commercial enterprise, they judge the entire business by the level of hygiene.
Imagine walking into a restaurant just to be welcomed by a dusty reception. Most customers will turn around and leave instantly. When the mess around is due to emergencies that might be due to natural calamities or caused by human recklessness, it will be important to sort out the mess as soon as possible so as to continue with your business activities. Your in-house employees will not be willing to wake up very early just to clear the emergency mess, even if they come, they will have to do double work and that will mean extra pay. Outsourcing an emergency commercial cleaning service is advisable when it comes to an immediate cleaning session.

Businesses and Locations

We offer our emergency janitorial services to every type of business, starting from a local eatery all the way to an industrial plant. You can find us in Indianapolis, Westfield, Franklin, and all surrounding counties in Indiana.

Who We Are

System4 of Indianapolis is a one-stop solution for all your cleaning services, backed by over 20 years of work experience in the cleaning sector. We have the ability to customize services according to your requirements and the time you need our services. We offer round the clock services so every time is business time for us.
At System4 Indianapolis we have an emergency response team that will be there when you need us the most. We offer both emergency commercial cleaning and janitorial services to residents of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.
Some of our services include:

Importance of Janitorial Services

Increased Productivity

Increase productivity in your business

Business hygiene is directly related to its productivity. Outsourcing commercial cleaning and janitorial services is preferable compared to assigning your employees. When a manager assigns employees for emergency cleaning services, they will have to abandon their posts to focus on the other task. At the end of the day, cleaning is not done properly and the daily business objectives will not have been met. System4 of Indianapolis provides services that will be done swiftly without interfering with your business, allowing you to utilize your employees to the maximum.



It is cheaper to fund outsourced cleaning services since you only pay for the services offered. When using your in-office cleaners, you will have to hire cleaning tools and equipment that you don’t have lying around your store. Outsourcing will spare you the burden of hiring and expose you to a world-class service at a very low expense.



Cleaning companies train their employees to focus on their safety while working. From slippery floors to working off the ground, we train our staff to be able to handle harsh working situations, especially when dealing with emergencies. Safety measures and regulations are part of our job and workers are not allowed to step into the workplace without their safety gear.

Right tools and cleaning skills

Right tools and cleaning skills

In-office workers find it hard to tackle emergency cleaning due to the workload that always tags along. Cleaning requires special tools for different purposes and System4 of Indy has all the tools needed. We train our staff to use our equipment that is regularly maintained for the best results. When our services are needed, we carry tools, equipment, and everything that will be required from our stores. Most of our staff are very skilled due to the experience they acquired while working with the best trainers.

Why Choose Us

System4 Indianapolis has always been a preferred choice when it comes to emergency commercial and janitorial services. Our response is quick and our staff doesn’t mind working past business hours. We have the best and latest tools and equipment that help us boost our work rate and results. We invest in technology to help us come up with the best results. We sort out any mess regardless of the area that we have to cover, we get the work done. For any emergency or an immediate preparation for some unannounced event, call us for outstanding results.

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At System4 of Indianapolis, we work 24 hours so that we can sort out our client’s needs anytime an emergency occurs. For emergency janitorial services, contact us at info@system4indy.com or call us at (317) 222-1039. Contact us for the best janitorial and cleaning services.

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