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After the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses, especially bars, have been trying hard to remain afloat. Bars are some of the businesses that were the hardest hit due to the measures taken. As we reopen the bars, we must take cleanliness a notch higher. When you get into a bar, the first thing that will attract your eye is the cleanliness and arrangement. The first impression that your clients get is what will keep them coming or keeping off.

It is uncommon to find dirty and full bins, dusty stools, and liquids on tables and seats in most bars. Such environments are a health hazard to the clients. People notice a dirty and disorganized bar faster than they would a clean one. In this era, staying afloat means considering having the best and cleanest space for your clients.

Today, more than ever, clients need to spend time in bars to socialize, share and get some cold or warm drinks. They want to make up for the lost times and celebrate life. Therefore, giving them a clean bar is the bare minimum that you can do. Again, hiring one person to clean the bar may mean that some items may be forgotten or omitted from the cleaning list.

At System4 of Indianapolis, we understand that it is difficult to clean a bar given the workload. We offer our commercial bar cleaning services to ensure that you do not have to break your back. System4 of Indianapolis in Indiana, IN offers basic bar cleaning services at your commercial or industrial establishment.

Modern Equipment and Professional Expertise

System4 of Indianapolis, U.S., can have the best-trained workers, and they can handle all sorts of cleaning jobs. The equipment and cleaning services are environmentally safe. We have modern vacuum cleaners that remove all the dirt. We also have a docapole extendable scrubbing brush that does well in cleaning and sanitizing walls. The cleaner is also good at working on surfaces. We have a food-grade multi-purpose cleaning brush set for cleaning the beer tanks and taps. The brushes are either soft or hard for giving a soft or a hard touch. These brushes clean every nook and cranny.

Why You Need Our Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Services

It is significant to have a clean and hygienic bar since it reduces all risks of contamination and poor image and eliminates the spread of infections and diseases. Areas in a bar that needs cleaning include the front of the bar. The stools, tables, booths, hand and foot rails, switches, lighting fixtures, windows, and mirrors. We also clean the bar, restrooms, toilets, and urinals. We also clean the faucets and sinks and sanitize the cleaner, light fixtures, light switches, and tile walls. The areas are sanitized and cleaned to remove germs.

Other areas include cleaning the kitchen/bar back to prevent the spreading of germs and illnesses. Other areas include cleaning the bar floors and upholstery, carpeted floors, and stain removal. We also clean mats, rugs, and runners with clean floors.

Some of the reasons why you need our professional commercial restaurant cleaning services:

Hiring a professional commercial restaurant offers you some time to do other things. Most importantly, your crew gets time takes a break and rejuvenate. Do not rely on your employees for cleaning because they will be overwhelmed and may not deliver a good job. Do not risk your business for the job.
Customers will notice your dirty bar faster than they will notice your clean one. Make sure the bar is always clean and get their attention. The first impression always matters. Poor hygiene will earn you several negative reviews that will spoil your business. Some customers may never return to the bar, which means a great business loss.

Cleaning a bar is not an easy task, and if you are operating one, you need several things to deliver the best services. You need some time to check the inventory, make several follow-ups and run other errands. Your staff has a much work serving clients and ensuring that they are comfortable. You must hire professionals for the cleaning job; a professional cleaning company ensures that your bar has the highest level of hygiene and sanitization. Bar cleaning services ensure focus on their job as your staff work at delivering the best services.
Hiring our services means that your staff will get an easy time. They can focus on building a loyal customer base, marketing, and food preparation.

Licensed Mold Removal –
We are a certified company in mold identification and removal. We understand bar cleaning services, and we take care of all floors. If you have a biohazard, offer the best clean-up services and restore the area. You get the best cleaning services when you sign up with System4 of Indianapolis, U.S.

Our company cares about protecting the environment. We use nature-friendly products, for example, steramine tablets to make the best cleaning solution. Besides, the products are friendly to the workers, and we use protective gear when cleaning. Our company meets all the OSHA rules and regulations.

Our Cleaning Process

We clean and dust the floors, toilets, stools, and tables. These include removing display bottles on wipe shelves and adjacent walls. Check for dirt under rails and tables. Clean the floor drains and sanitizes them to eliminate bacterial growth and floor drains.

Cleaning Coolers and Flushing Keg lines

We clean coolers and flush all the keg lines to remove bacteria and lower yeast build-up. We also dismantle beer pumps and clean them. Our responsibility is to check the freshness dates of all drinks, plus clean out and reorganize all drawers and cabinets.

Wash All Glasses and Cups

We clean all glassware and racks and wipe them using linen. Besides, we must wash and sanitize ice scoops and adjust all the temperatures of the reach-ins and walk-ins fridges and shelves. We also clean the towels and sanitize all ice scoops. Any item that the customer uses is fully cleaned and sanitized.

Removal and changing of Carpets

The process involves changing everything in the bar, including upholstery. We move and clean heavy equipment. We also do ductwork cleaning and sanitizing. We offer power washing to the trash area plus the loading dock. The bathroom tiles get deep cleaning. The entryway, sidewalk, and parking lot also get power washing. Other services include mold inspections, preventive plumbing checks, cleaning and waxing, and floor stripping.

Bar Cleaning Services Quote

    Pub Cleaning Services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas

    Restaurants, pubs, and bars are difficult to keep up with on a daily basis. Luckily there are some tasks your team can do daily for easy maintenance.

    About Us

    System4 of Indianapolis, U.S., began as a small company cleaning bars in the Indianapolis neighborhood. Our experience in cleaning commercial bars has made us popular in Indianapolis city. Our business mantra involves working in the hospitality industry and taking sanitization and hygiene to the next level.

    We offer the best cleaning services and utilize modern techniques that will change the outlook of your bar.

    We constantly train our staff with the latest skills and tools to ensure that our clients are clean and the bars are satisfying. Bar cleaning service involves cleaning large spaces with several tables, chairs, and other accessories within a short time, especially at night. Our professionals are experienced, and they clean all commercial bars regardless of their area within a short time.

    Our high cleaning standards ensure that we deliver high-quality jobs in commercial bar cleaning services. When you reach out to us, we are at your service. At System4 of Indianapolis, U.S., we understand that hygiene is essential, and we know its role in attracting and maintaining your customers.

    We are a fully licensed company, and we must follow all laws and regulations based on food and beverage standards. We handle our tasks responsibly and ensure that the job is done on time.

    We have developed our skills to handle the exercise within a short time and enable the bar owners and service people to relax within a short time. In addition, after cleaning, we organize the bar to improve the efficiency of the bar operations. We understand that we must dismantle some equipment during the cleaning process. Therefore, after we are done cleaning, we assemble all tools and materials.

    Bar Facilities Cleaning Services:

    When looking for a cleaning company for your bar cleaning, look for companies that provide all-inclusive services. When you hire us to clean your place of business, some of the tasks we take care of include:

    • Vacuum carpets
    • Trash disposal
    • Dusting
    • Restroom disinfection & sanitization
    • Disinfect kitchens
    • Sweeping & mopping
    • Porter services
    • Restrooms Only Options
    • Post-Construction Cleanup
    • Clean & Disinfect Tables, Counters, Chairs, Sinks
    • Clean & Sanitize Microwave & Appliances
    • Empty Trash Replace Liners
    • Hot water extraction
    • Bonnet cleaning
    • Dry chemical cleaning
    • Carpet encapsulation
    • Vacuuming 
    • Clean & Disinfect Sinks, Toilets, Urinals
    • Clean & Polish Dispensers, Fixtures, Mirrors
    • Wash Floors, Baseboards with Germicidal Cleaners
    • Spot Clean Walls & Partitions
    • Burnishing vinyl floors
    • Strip & Wax refinish
    • Scrub & recoat
    • Spray buff
    • Machine scrub hard floors
    • Wood floor care
    • VCT Maintenance & Restoration

    Reach Out To Us Today

    You can fully trust System4 of Indianapolis, the U.S., for your commercial bar cleaning services. We adjust our cleaning time according to your schedule to ensure that you do not lose out on your clients.

    We offer full cleaning of the floors, restrooms, shelves, tables, and stools. We make sure that your bar is dust-free and that all your clients get the best first impression. We clean all the coolers and freezers and flush all the keg pumps to avoid yeast build-up. Our services extend to biohazard cleanup and removal of mold. If you have storm, fire, or water damage in your bar, we are available to restore your bar to a top-notch condition.

    You can get to our website and contact us. Alternatively, you can drop us a call on our number. We call all our clients and get to listen to your needs. We also discuss any of your concerns and offer advice. Our motto is to ensure that you enjoy the peace of mind of having professionals at your service round the clock.

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