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Nestled in the heart of Johnson County, “Home of the First Major League Baseball Game ” Franklin is a community steeped in history and known for its welcoming atmosphere. At System4 of Indianapolis, we’re proud to be your trusted local partner, delivering exceptional janitorial services to Franklin and the surrounding areas. From schools and churches to industrial buildings and recreational centers, our extensive range of services is designed to meet the diverse needs of your commercial and industrial facilities.

Apart from the main services we have, we also offer specialty services for our clients who need specific services. Below, we mention some of the specialty services we offer to our Franklin clients.


Franklin Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are warm, fluffy, and pleasing to the eye. However, over time, they accumulate unnecessary dust and dirt, which can be unsightly and unhealthy. We help you get the dirt off your carpet, elongate its lifespan and have a clean house.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Franklin

Windows reveal a lot of the maintenance of space. If your windows are dirty, it creates a bad impression on a business or home. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to help you make the best impression and increase the lifespan of the windows by taking good care of them. From preparation to stain removal and more intense cleaning procedures, we know exactly what your windows need. Reach out to us for your window washing needs today.

Professional Janitorial Cleaner

Janitorial Services in Franklin, IN

We provide an array of janitorial services to our Franklin clients despite their industry. Through our services, we help businesses create warm, welcoming environments for customers. We offer custom solutions for janitorial services to ensure that all our clients are well cared for, and their areas kept clean. Therefore, we are the ideal janitorial service Franklin provider you should call to tend to your needs.​ Our janitorial services encompass a wide spectrum of offerings to cater to your specific needs:

- Regular office cleaning to maintain a professional environment
- Floor cleaning and maintenance for a polished look
- Window and glass cleaning to let the natural light shine through
- Restroom sanitation to ensure a hygienic space for everyone
- Trash removal and recycling to keep your space clutter-free
- Green cleaning options for a healthier work environment
- Special event clean-up for seamless post-event transitions

Hardwood Floor

Franklin Floor Care

Every business that cares about cleanliness and organization should invest in a floor care plan. Such a plan helps the business to maintain floors as they are heavily trodden each day. A good floor plan helps improve your business reputation and image, employee health, increase the lifespan of your flooring and carpets and prevent accidents. Call on us at System4 of Indianapolis to help you achieve the best floor care plan today!

Pressure Washer

Pressure Washing​ in Franklin, Indiana

Pressure washing in Franklin involves using a high-pressure water spray to eliminate particles such as grime, dust, mud, loose paint, and chewing gum from different surfaces. While it is possible to use pressure washing machines at home, they can be dangerous for someone without the right knowledge and skills to use them. As an experienced company, we can help you with all your pressure washing needs. All you have to do is reach out to us & you will get top-notch service.

Why Choose Us for Your Cleaning Needs

We are an exemplary cleaning and janitorial service in Westfield. However, this is not the only reason why you should work with us. Below, we explain what makes us stand out from the rest:

One of the main reasons our clients seek us out among our peers is that we are flexible and reliable, unlike other Franklin cleaning companies. This aspect of our service is crucial for institutions such as schools, businesses, and churches with a fixed schedule. You would not want your congregants getting to church when space has not been cleaned and is not tidy. Neither would you like to get to your workplace and find that the cleaning company is getting started.

As a professional company that respects its clients and values their time, we ensure that we work within our clients’ schedules not to interrupt their core business. While this may mean working after business hours or even at odd hours, we respect our clients and do only our best to ensure business continuity.

As one of the most preferred companies among the residents of Franklin, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. Our staff is trained to dust, clean, and organize spaces to ensure a clean and tidy environment.

When you reach out to us, you can rest assured that you will find System4 is knowledgeable and is ready to handle all types of cleaning mishaps. We understand the industry standards and will not hesitate to keep up to standard with them. Get ready to feel confident that you and your colleagues, clients, and employees will be safe whenever you contract our services.

As a business, we understand the importance of a clean and tidy environment. We do not want to attach a hefty price tag to something that should be basic, preserving health and life in general. Therefore, we do not make our clients choose between quality cleaning services and affordability. Our services are custom-tailored & priced to ensure that everyone can afford to have their areas cleaned. Whether you need pressure cleaning or restaurant cleaning, we shall be there for you. We ensure that our work is done to perfection no matter how little or expansive the area to be cleaned maybe.

System4 Indy is an exemplary Franklin County sanitation company. If you are looking for a cleaning company, you want one that can cover all the services you may need simultaneously. We provide the assurance you may need since we can clean anything, from spaces to carpets and upholstery. We even handle post-construction cleaning to ensure that your new building is as clean as can be.
Even as we do this, we use only high-grade products.

We understand that when you call us, the common cleaning remedies have already failed you. We bring in our eco-friendly cleaning products to conserve the environment and protect our clients from any harm. Therefore, you should not be afraid to reach out to us whenever you need us to come to you.

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"We needed a quick response and had very specific hours that would work for our business. System4 was able to meet all of our needs and they came and did an amazing job. The job was done quickly and extreme attention to detail. Thank you."
Debby N.
Head of Operations

Our Services

We offer professional cleaning services in Franklin, Indiana. We are flexible, and we have the right tools and training to provide you with the best services. Below, we discuss some of the major services we provide:

a clean office in indianapolis

Office Cleaning and Disinfection

The success of an office depends on more than the core business. A clean and organized environment is not only healthy but also motivational. Some of the chores we carry out in the office include dusting tabletops, washing windows, topping hand soaps and towels, wiping light switches, and polishing door handles. Since these activities may take a lot of time cumulatively, we mostly clean office spaces outside office hours. Reach out to us today for all your office cleaning needs.

empty classroom with whiteboard

School Cleaning

Students go to school every day to learn. However, a lapse in cleanliness in the school environment can be detrimental. We dedicate our time and resources to cleaning Franklin schools as the schools. Some of the typical activities involved include carpet cleaning & pressure washing, emptying and cleaning bins, replenishing toilet supplies, and investigating and tending to school hazards and defects. In this way, we are continuously ensuring the safety of students.

Industrial Cleaning Company

Industrial Cleaning

System4Indy is dedicated to providing scheduled cleaning services in Franklin and its surroundings. We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to achieve the best cleaning outcomes no matter your field. Since our staff members undergo on-the-job training, you can be sure that they understand what it means to maintain a clean industrial environment. The places we clean include offices, conference and training rooms, mechanical equipment, and cafeterias. No matter the area you want to be cleaned, you can be sure that we are the best professionals to get it done.

plexiglass counter shield guard installation in Indianapolis

Retail Cleaning

Cleaning a business area may be possible, but it comes at a cost. If your staff do it, they may be too tired, and they may have to do it within the office hours. As a company, we strive to make things a little easier for your business. We take the cleaning out of your hands so you can concentrate on doing what is best for your business. Besides, we are professionals who know exactly what we need to do to help you make the best first impressions on your customers. With our services, you do not need to worry about making a good first impression. You will have a clean, inviting office space that encourages collaboration and the best outcomes.

Doctors talking in a clean hospital hallway

Medical Office Cleaning

A clean medical space enhances the experience of patients. However, a dirty one has more than just the potential of ruining a patient's experience. A dirty office can promote the spread of germs and diseases. We go beyond just the normal cleaning and ensure that the floors and surfaces are clean and sanitized. All the high-risk areas will be attended with our services to ensure that your clients leave healthier than they came.

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System4Indy understands the needs of the people of Franklin, 46131. This is why we are always putting our best foot forward when it comes to service provision. Do not be left out! Contact System4Indy today for all your cleaning needs.

Every day, thousands of businesses look for the best janitorial cleaning services Franklin, Indiana. While there are thousands to choose from, none of these companies live up to the expectation of providing quality Franklin sanitation services. However, in the same breathe, some companies live up to their name, for instance, System4 of Indianapolis.

System4Indy is a janitorial cleaning service Franklin company that serves Franklin, Indianapolis, and its surroundings. As one of the top commercial cleaning services in the area, we specialize in all types of cleaning in both big and small facilities. Despite beginning as a small company that served a limited demographic, we have grown tremendously into one of the most sought-after commercial cleaning services in the United States. So far, we have served over 300 clients in Franklin and beyond. As we move forward, we hope to continue capturing more customers satisfied with our services. Whether you are looking for a cleaning company for your church, Industrial building, or office, we are the cleaning champions in Franklin that you should consult.

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