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Commercial Sanitation Services in Indianapolis

As businesses are reopening in Indiana, it is of great importance if you could keep your employees and customers safe during this pandemic of COVID-19. Keeping all those who visit your business facility safe from contracting the virus should be your mission number one. Because we know how crucial these needs may be, that is why we are here to offer you the help you need. We are here to ensure businesses in Indiana and other industries maintain a healthy working environment by providing them with detailed disinfecting and sanitation services.

We believe that it is upon us to do what we have to do so that we will keep you and your company safe and that is why we offer more than mere disinfecting services. We are here to provide you with detailed disinfecting services that will ensure the spread of the deadly virus is slowed down not to forget that we can also help you control other viral-related diseases.

Because of the increased demand for comprehensive sanitation and cleaning services in Indianapolis, our company is now meeting these requirements by offering quality disinfection services in Indianapolis that include special hospital-level disinfection methods that are approved by EPA. Our team is made up of accredited and highly trained technicians who have the knowledge needed for sanitizing wellness facilities, educational centers, offices, and retail spaces among other facilities within the city. These services help in keeping your clients and employees healthy and safe as you begin your business day and afterward.

In matters concerning your health and safety, it is important to know that nobody has got your back covered like us. Our mission is to ensure that Indy and its outskirts are kept safe this time by including high-class sanitation services to our company’s stellar services. Learn more about how we can make a difference in your facility today.

Outstanding Cleaning & Customer Service

Masks and gloves only go far in protecting the public from the spread of this deadly virus COVID-19 among other bacterial and viral diseases. In case you oversee a commercial workplace, there is a need for you to be proactive in your strengths to ensure that your clients, visitors, and employees are safe while in your facility. Fret not if you do not know the way forward because we are here to help you do that.

In our company, we provide more than traditional sanitation services for all our clients. We have a dedicated team of commercial sanitation gurus who will ensure that you are provided with detailed disinfection services. The services provided by our experts have the following merits:

  • We have the experience needed to handle virus outbreaks and biohazard situations.
  • We utilize medical-grade and NSF, EPA, USDA, and CA accredited cleaning agents that destroy over 600 types of bacteria, molds, and viruses.Our experts know the importance of using a hundred percent non-toxic safe and non-corrosive agents that are friendly for water systems and human contact.

Our commercial cleaning & sanitation company has also developed a unique two-stage preventive sanitation method that includes disinfection of all high-touch and horizontal surfaces which include:

  • Faucets
  • Keyboards
  • Door handles
  • Elevator and door buttons
  • Escalator rails
  • Stair rails
  • Fax machines and printers
  • Any other surfaces that are highly exposed to touch

Additionally, our company also uses a specially constructed aerosol system that ensures there is complete disinfection and sanitization of your entire commercial space not to forget that it also shampoos the carpets in hallways, rooms, and any place that is considered to be a high traffic region in your building. Feel free to learn more about our sanitization services and their procedures by talking to a member of our incredible team.

How Have Our Sanitation Services Helped Businesses?

First, it’s important to know that there’s a certain level of responsibility and attention that regards sanitation rules and regulations. As Indiana has prepared their commercial buildings for an increased level of customers and visitors since COVID, it is very important that every enterprise owner takes into consideration all the disinfection and cleaning rules. However, you can only achieve this by getting help from experienced sanitation experts who know what matters concerning cleaning & sanitation entail.

We have drafted a detailed disinfecting package for our customers that is top-class sanitizing needs of all commercial areas. For anyone looking for high-quality disinfection services, System4 is a company that every business needs to make sure that the health of everybody who visits your facility is not jeopardized.

Because of our unique and quality sanitation services, you are assured that all surfaces in your building are properly cleaned and disinfected while ensuring that all the pathogen harboring sections, floors, and rooms are kept clean at all costs. If you opt for our disinfecting and sanitation services which will benefit your building in the following ways:

  • Through our services, you are assured that you can help in slowing the spread of infectious pathogens and the deadly COVID-19 virus.
  • Our services make sure that your building is sanitized  professionally per the COVID-19 Facility Reopening Regulations.
  • Our services will ensure that you gain customer and employee trust and this can translate to increased returns for your company.
  • You, your clients, and employees in the facility can have peace of mind since they are assured that the premises are properly sanitized & disinfected.

It is our strong belief that we should care for our communities by ensuring that we provide a sanitary and safe environment at all costs and at all times. When you choose our company to be your commercial disinfection service provider in Indianapolis, it is important to know that you can help significantly in trust-building between your community and your business by being a good example to other people by showing them how much you are concerned with their health.

Unique Janitorial Cleaning Service Providers​

Our janitorial service company is a nationwide full-service cleaning organization & maintenance company. We have been leaders in janitorial cleaning services for almost a decade with countless happy clients. Our experience in the cleaning industry has equipped us with the expertise needed to ensure that we keep offering quality cleaning services to more than 1,000 client sites in a day.

Our success is attributed to the following:

  • We utilize the most productive equipment when doing the cleaning.
  • We hire people qualified for the task.
  • We utilize quality control systems that ensure our services are reliable and responsive at all costs.

Sneeze Guards made of Plexiglass

plexiglass counter shield guard installation in Indianapolis
acrylic sneeze guard counter installation Indianapolis

Most commercial business places use the sneeze guard constructed from plexiglass since it is the best and famous breath barrier option in such places. These plexiglass sneeze guards are easy to customize to fit in your space following your particular layout needs and they are also made to follow the ADA regulations.

In case you gain interest in having your plexiglass sneeze guards within your facility, we are here and we can accommodate your working area’s needs by covering the following:

  • We have counter shield guards that are easy to clean and sanitize.
  • We have plexiglass sneeze guards that are designed with pre-drilled holes which allow for easy and quick installation.
  • We have product installations that are backed by our company guarantee.
  • The plexiglass sneeze guards supplied by our company are made from acrylic which is a break-resistant material.
  • Since we know that spatial requirements differ, our plexiglass sneeze guards are cut to the size which can fit your space.

Assuming that your building is prone to high rise in matters concerning airborne pathogen transmission, there is a need for you to opt for the long-life plexiglass from our company.

Need Commercial Sanitation Services At Your Indianapolis Facility?

Reopening is an essential but also a time-consuming process that needs businesses to work with caution to ensure that all their customers and staff members are kept safe and sound. This begins by selecting a commercial sanitation service provider that has the expertise and equipment needed to offer high-quality services to commercial areas.

We have the experience needed to offer protection to businesses and homes in matters concerning environmental danger since we have operated in this industry for quite a long time. Dedicated as a vital business, we are here to help you since we are forever open for business.

Whether it is a one-time or continuous cleaning and disinfection program for your business, our company has a detailed service that ensures comprehensive treatment for the betterment of your customers, patients, family, employees, and anybody who visits your facility. Fret not because our program is not limited to any business type since we offer our incredible services to food markets, pharmacies, gyms, homes, vet clinics, offices, and restaurants among different kinds of businesses.

Contact our company today to discuss your facility and sanitation options in the Indianapolis region.

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