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Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing

What the epidemic has taught us is the need to keep our environment sanitary for the good health of our family and loved ones. This is ensured by reducing the risk associated with threats caused by contact with bacteria-contaminated surfaces.

Strip and wax services are needed for commercial spaces. In this case, an effective commercial floor waxing service is needed because such spaces are used by hundreds of people daily.

Proper sanitation will ensure that your commercial space is the last culprit when it comes to infecting its customers with diseases. One effective way of achieving this is through disinfecting the areas that are hard to reach using effective methods such as strip and waxing.

What sells any commercial space is its ability to showcase a presentable and sanitary space to its visitors. This starts from the attractiveness to the maintenance of good hygiene in the space. What this does is it will reflect a good impression to whoever that visits that area. For instance, an office that is well cleaned and disinfected showcases high levels of professionalism and hence a good impression to clients. This also creates a good mood for the employees and the clients and thus a high probability of the production rate of the business increasing significantly.

The opposite leads to a dull and less productive commercial space. For instance, an office that looks sort of dirty and scuffed is less attractive and creates a sour mood – and a bad impression. Finding a reliable floor stripping and waxing company can be a daunting task, so let us show you how we can help!

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I highly recommend their waxing services.

Strip and Waxing Services

Commercial cleaning services are also offered through tile floor stripping and waxing services. This is a service that will be done to cover every inch of your floor space. Even the hardest to reach areas that need to be cleaned. This intervention is not only done for cleaning purposes but also to make the commercial space more presentable – especially if it had lost its touch!

Areas such as train stations, malls, school halls, and city halls are occasioned with foot traffic. Such are the commercial floors that you may notice in select areas around town. The high levels of foot traffic take a toll on them and they may not maintain their presentable nature after a few months. What happens is that they tend to lose their shine and luster and look less presentable with every month. The floor may also be affected with normal wearing down. You may notice scuff marks and cracks that lead to soil particle penetration in said floors.

You may try out techniques such as buffing and scrubbing, but these inferior attempts won’t do the trick. There is only one way to get this done- floor waxing services. This process also falls under cleaning services because it gets rid of disease-causing germs.

System4 of Indianapolis works to restore the presentable outlook of your commercial floors using the most effective technique- strip and waxing. This is done in the most affordable way that also turns out to be time-saving- meaning there will be little distractions on the use of the commercial floor.

Commercial floor stripping and waxing is a service that is dedicated to making your floor presentable- maybe even better than it has ever been. All those little imperfections that you thought were irreversible will be dealt with using this method. These include stains, scratches, and penetration of soil particles into the soil.

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How Strip and Wax Service Works

The service is done through a series of three steps. This is completed in the following three steps:

  1. The floor is stripped to remove the top wax coating and whatever buildup is on the floor’s surface.
  2. Sealing the floor with a top-quality sealer and buffing it to make it sparkle. The high-quality sealer here reduces the chances of formation of marks and scratches that prevent soil particles from penetrating into the floor.
  3. Waxing of the floor to provide it with a deep, rich, and protective glow. This also ensures that the floor is able to cope with heavy foot traffic that is common with commercial spaces.

The floor waxing service is a process that not only disinfects the floor but also improves its attractiveness that is maintained for a long time. Our commercial floor stripping and waxing ensure that you get satisfactory results!

What a strip and waxing floor service ensures is that your floor’s attractiveness will be reactivated. Moreover, the effect of the service will be long-lasting thanks to high-quality waxing that will protect it from dirt and other contaminants. This will go a long way into improving the attractiveness of the commercial space and hence making it a place customers and clients will want to frequent. This is simply excellent for business!

Stripping and waxing services should be done to a floor depending on the rate of foot traffic that the specific floor receives. For that which receives medium levels of foot traffic, the professional disinfecting service should be offered at least once a year. For the case of one that receives relatively high foot traffic, it needs to be stripped and waxed twice a year. This should keep it looking attractive and impressive! You might also realize that the more frequently a floor is stripped and waxed, the less effort that would be needed to clean it.

What you get from System4 of Indianapolis is a full package that is full proof and long-lasting!

Why System4 of Indianapolis Is the Best Team to Work With

There are a number of commercial floor stripping and waxing companies in Indianapolis. Here are a few points of why we guarantee you the best service when you opt to work with us.

There is a different approach for different floor types: The commercial floor wax and strip service are designed and delivered depending on the type of floor in question. Different floor types require the use of different types of chemicals and equipment for the task. This does not only make the process effective but also protects the floor from damage. While others may use specific common chemicals and equipment, we tailor ours depending on the type of floor that the client has.

State of the Art Equipment

We are the best in this sector thanks to the state of the art equipment that we use to deliver the service for you. This will ensure that each of the above mentioned services is completed with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Each of them is handled by the most experienced and certified personnel around!

Punctual When Called Upon

We are ever ready to provide the service for you. you can count on our punctuality every time you contact us to perform any of the above services for you. Our team is built upon the principle of attending to clients immediately and paying attention to their needs when it comes to commercial disinfecting services.

We are also flexible enough to offer you a professional commercial floor waxing service at your convenience. Our team can work after hours or even on the weekends when there is little or no traffic in the commercial space.

A Certified and Experienced Team

For your sanitation worries, a trustworthy team will guarantee a satisfactory cleaning solution. Ours is a service you can trust to offer quality intervention all through when you hire us. For one we work with state of the art equipment to provide you with 100-percent sanitation service. We are guided by the principle of not compromising the quality of the standards of the services that we offer.

Exceptional and Unmatched Techniques

Another thing, we offer seamless benefits that are unmatched by any of the competitors around. For starters, our team is composed of professional and highly qualified professionals that know all about thorough cleaning and sanitation matters. We also offer the service at competitive prices compared to most of the alternative service providers out there.

A Large Span of Serviced Cities

We also cover a large area of operation. Therefore, you can count on us to reach you however far you are from us. We are ever flexible and have the means to reach your commercial space however distant from our offices you might be.

Approval From Authorities

All the equipment we use in commercial spaces are approved by the relevant authorities. Therefore, you shouldn’t be alarmed by any risk that may be passed onto the nearby environment or the users of the commercial spaces.
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Reach Out To Us

Ours is a team that you can trust for your commercial floor waxing service. We have rich experience in the field and are on the go to provide our clients with top-notch results anytime we are called upon.

You can always call our team and schedule a professional strip & wax service! We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the quality of the work that we will deliver.

Needless to say, we offer a strip & service that you can trust for your commercial spaces! Our team will not leave the premises until you are satisfied with the work that they have delivered. Call (317) 222-1039 or contact us today!

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