Commercial Power Washing Services

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Commercial Power Washing Services

Pressure and power washing methods use highly pressurized water to eject dirt and grime from exterior surfaces. However, many commercial building owners do not understand the subtle differences between these two approaches and don’t know which one is right for their property. If this is you, we have good news.

As a top power washing company in Indianapolis, we have the right knowledge, tools, and years of experience to help you eliminate dirt and other hard-to-remove material from exterior surfaces through our commercial power washing services. For our commercial pressure washing services, we utilize industrial equipment that can get rid of some of the toughest stains such as – graffiti, sidewalk stains, mildew & mold.


Power Wash FAQ

Although are capable of cleaning all types of buildings, System4 only works with industrial and commercial cleaning properties. If you are looking for pressure washing services for residential apartments, homes, or communities, please get in touch and we would be happy to refer you to one of our trusted partners.

Pressure washing can damage windows, window seals, vinyl siding, stucco. The first word after all is "pressure." Pressure washing can damage pretty much anything. That’s when people have to be careful where they’re using it.


If your neighbor gets a new pressure washer and he does his driveway, the next day you will see the different light/dark spots that are left from his work. People have to be careful how much pressure, how close they get, what chemicals they use, etc.

It really depends. Some you can and some you can't. For example, you could possibly pressure wash plastic furniture, but definitely not wood.

It depends on what "new" means. If it's brand new, let's say 2 days old - No, you can't, but why would you need to? Unless there is a major oil stain. It is recommended to wait for the concrete to be cured.

Yes, it matters how much pressure you're applying to the surface.

Yes, most likely if you're using higher pressure.

Yes, NEVER use bleach for anything.

The effects of power washing are noticable as soon as the job is done. So you can drive as soon as possible.

As needed - It depends on the situation.

Some places have this service done every week due to grease coming out of the back door. We also have some clients that get it done weekly and we have others that get it done monthly.

Some of our customers are grocery stores and restaurants that deal with mildew/nasty stuff that they don't want their customers to see or walk on.

Under facilities management/services.

The top reasons are because of appearance & safety.

If you have concrete floors coated with grease or mildew and you walk to the back of a restaurant and slip & fall, chances are that the staff only mops the floors — this only spreads the liquid rather than removing the slippery stains.

For situations like this, our team uses steamers & scrubbers. Since Pressure Washers use a lot of water and pressure, the steamers use steam and some pressure. There are different applications for different surfaces.

All you need to do is prepare the area by removing all furniture. If it's a parking lot then you just have to move all the cars away from the area. We just need the surface available to be able to get to it.
commercial power washing outside

Pressure Washing For Commercial Buildings

Differences Between the Techniques (With Video)

Power washing and pressure washing are used interchangeably. However, there are subtle differences between these two techniques. For example, the jet wash in a pressure washer is not heated for starters, while the water in a power washing machine is heated. The hot water can be beneficial if you clean places such as crevices, have serious grime, and need stain removal in parking lots or sidewalks. Therefore, power washing is the preferred option if a surface can handle the warmer spray. Apart from this one difference, the two techniques are similar, and we use them to clean properties according to their specific needs.

before after power washing concrete
drive thru before & after power wash

Why Choose System4 of Indy For Your Commercial Pressure Washing Needs

While there are many cleaning and janitorial services in Indianapolis, System4 of Indy still stands out. We help both big and small businesses maintain their standards of cleanliness regularly. Equipped for any job, System4 only works with commercial industries (no residential). No matter how big or small your building is, we are the ideal company that can help you establish a curated management program for your business. Some of the reasons to work with us include:

Vast Knowledge and Experience

In Indianapolis for over 20 years - We have amassed the necessary skills and experience during our time here, which has helped us maintain our client base and continuously grow. Therefore, it's easy to say that Indy residents trust us and consider us one of the best. So, if skills and experience are what you are looking for, System4 Indy is the answer.

Custom Prices

At System4Indy, we understand that one building and its needs are different from the next. Therefore, we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with different buildings. We offer our customers personalized commercial pressure washing prices depending on their space and maintenance needs. Even then, we are careful not to exploit the customer. We do not put them between a rock and a hard place by insisting that they trade quality for low prices and vice versa. Our tailored plans are flexible to ensure all your needs are being met in a high-quality manner.

No Contract Arrangement

One of the greatest perks of working with us is that we have a no-contract policy. Our clients can trust that we will do a great job because an extended and unnecessary contract does not bind us. On the other hand, we are happy to prove ourselves every month. Do not find yourself stuck with an incompetent property management company in the long-term while you can work with seasoned professionals who get the job done.

Efficiency and Reliability

Reliability is one of the key traits of a good cleaning business. However, many companies do not live up to expectations, and they are often not as reliable or efficient as they should be. As a result, these companies do not complete the job on time and cannot get it done efficiently. This interferes with your business and productivity.

You can trust us to deliver timely and efficient pressure and power washing to your commercial space. In this way, you can get more time to focus on your core business without unnecessary interruptions. Try System4Indy today and see the difference.

Environmental Consciousness

We care about our clients and, by extension, our environment. As a result, we strive to use only the best products when cleaning. Even when we are commercially power or pressure washing, we use the best selection of professional soaps, detergents, chemicals ad other cleaning solutions to make your space clean.

Our products are often chemical-free products that do not cause environmental pollution nor trigger allergies or asthma for those at risk. Furthermore, by using the right products, you can significantly shorten cleaning times and have time to focus on what really matters.

commercial power washing services

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If you have never found a reliable, trustworthy cleaning company in Indianapolis, you are in luck. System4 of Indianapolis is a dependable, professional, & reputable company that provides extensive property management services to businesses in the area. Do not be afraid to reach out to us because we shall come to you when you need us the most. In addition, we offer a free assessment and proposal of work before we begin. So trust us and enjoy the System4Indy difference.

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