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Clean tiles and grout may be underestimated, but they are central to the aesthetic of a building or commercial space. No matter how dark the tiles are, both the tiles and grout need to be clean to portray the best picture of the commercial space. But how can you keep the tiles and grout in commercial space clean?

One of the best ways to ensure the cleanliness of your tiles and grout is to invest in a cleaning company that understands your needs, and we are one of them. System4Indy is a commercial cleaning and Sanitation company dedicated to ensuring your space remains clean. If you hire us, you can rest assured that knowledgeable and experienced cleaning technicians will clean your tiles and grout. So wherever you are in Indianapolis, you can rest assured knowing you work with the top professionals and that we will ensure positive outcomes for you and your company.

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What is Grout and How Do We Clean It?

Grout comes in a paste-like solution and fills the gaps between the tiles. However, just like the tiles, grout also attracts dirt, which may degrade the overall look of your floor over time. As you clean your tiles, you should pay special attention to the grout, as overlooking it can result in a degraded look. It would be best if you cleaned your grout and tiles regularly to ensure that your commercial space floor remains in top-notch condition.
In residential spaces, most people clean grout themselves. Most commercial spaces are big, and even if you can clean your home single-handedly with home products like vinegar, it may be impossible to achieve the same results in a commercial space. Your best bet is a commercial company that does the work for you. 

So, How Do We Achieve Clean Tiles & Grout?

As a professional company, we utilize special cleaning solutions to help us clean tiles and grout. These solutions are PH balanced and can cut through different stains and get them off the floor and grout. While some of the chemicals we use may be harsh, we ensure that our cleaning technicians have the right safety equipment at all times. Therefore, you can trust us to deliver optimal cleaning that leaves your tiles in pristine condition.
To maintain the look of your grout and tiles, we can help you with routine cleaning. Whether you need weekly, monthly, or bi-annual service, we have the right tools, equipment, and schedule that you can work with, no matter the building you own.

Time Saving

The mere thought of scrubbing an entire commercial building by hand alone is disturbing. The process can be time-consuming and tiresome, even in smaller spaces. Even more disturbing is that you may not achieve optimal results if you choose to clean your tiles and carpets alone.

Only chemical cleaning products used the right way by professionals can truly remove the dirt in tiles and grout. So save your time and have our professionals at System4Indy handle it for you.

Money Saving

While it may look like a big investment initially, professional tile cleaning will save you money in the long run. If you do not let a professional clean your tiles, there will be a buildup of dirt that affects the quality of your floor and shorten its lifespan.

Working with professionals is also beneficial because they use expert protective sealants. This sealant is good as it protects your tiles from dirt, bacteria, and other elements that may affect them, saving you money in the long run. In addition, by working with a cleaning company, the sealant can be reapplied regularly.

One-time cleaning or reoccurring services – You can count on System4 to be there day or night!

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