Anderson, Madison County, IN 46011

Anderson is a city in Madison County, Indiana with a distinctive fusion of industrial and religious influences which makes this city interesting to live in and explore. Although Anderson has historically experienced numerous challenges, it has ultimately turned into a city for entrepreneurs and has started to create a distinctive environment for music and art students.
Anderson, Madison County

About Anderson, IN

Anderson, IN

The most notable aspect of Anderson is its natural environment, and two of the best spots for strolling along scenic nature paths are Shadyside Park and Rangeline Nature Preserve. Additionally, rangeline specifically supports regional vegetation and an intriguing topography, enabling mountain biking for all skill levels and fishing. Mounds State Park, a stunning natural setting  is also located in Anderson. The name Mounds Mall was given to Anderson's oldest indoor mall in commemoration of this phenomenon.

Things to do in 46011

Today, you may stroll around Anderson’s storied and energetic downtown, which is home to eateries, museums, and performance spaces.
As you leave town to the east, you will see a number of beautiful and significant parks lining the banks of the White River.

A state park guarding mounds created by the indigenous Adena culture more than 2,100 years ago is located east of Anderson, up the White River.

The largest is the Great Mound, a circular earthwork enclosure with a central platform that is 138 feet in diameter and over 400 feet across. There were many layers of clay and ash when the mound was excavated in the 1960s, showing a progression of use periods.

A great buzz can be felt in Anderson’s central business district, especially in the summer, thanks to the presence of pubs, restaurants, cultural centres, and regular community activities in Downtown Anderson.

You can also follow the history of the city through these streets from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.

Anderson Indiana
Anderson, Madison, IN


The summers in Anderson are long, hot, humid, and rainy; while chilly, snowy, and windy in the winter; and partly cloudy all through the year. The average annual temperature ranges from 21°F to 84°F, with occasional exceptions when it falls below 3°F or rises over 91°F.

Points Of Interest

  •  If you start from Don & Sherry’s Third Base Pub then head west on E 13th St toward Central Ave. Then turn left onto Main St.
  • Turn right onto E 14th St.
  • Finally, turn left onto Arrow Ave. Mr Dan’s Restaurant will be on the left.
  • From Mr Dan’s Restaurant, head north on Arrow Ave toward W 16th St
  • Turn right onto W 16th St. Turn right onto Madison Ave. Then turn left onto Slack Dr
  • Finally, turn left onto Fairview St and then turn right onto Fall Creek Dr.
  • Get on I-69 S in Anderson from Madison Ave, W 60th St, Ridgeview Dr, W 400 S/W 67th St and Doctor M.L.K. Jr Blvd.
  • Follow I-69 S to Binford Blvd in Indianapolis. Follow Binford Blvd and Kessler Blvd E Dr to N College Ave in Washington Township
  • Turn right onto N College Ave. System4 of Indianapolis will be on your right.
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