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Commercial Strip and Wax services

Commercial strip and waxing services of your floors in Lafayette, Indiana, is what you need to maintain top quality floors on your commercial property. Everyone is doing it, why shouldn’t you! At least all the popular malls, hospitals, restaurants and even five-star hotels.

Getting Floors Stripped And Waxed maintain Durability

The service guarantees that your floors will not only have an attractive appearance, but it will make them durable. Floors on commercial property not only need to maintain a quality appearance, but they need to be durable. This is because you might be forced to pay for repairs prematurely, and this is costly.


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How It Works

Stripping and waxing of the floors are designed to be offered in a series of steps- each of them being crucial for the benefit of the floor. For instance, waxing completes the series of steps, and it provides a protective layer on the floor that makes it proof of marks and lustre that make the floor ugly. In the end, you have a floor that your customers will want to be associated with.

Why You Should Hire Professionals For Strip And Wax Services?

To avoid the unnecessary troubles that concern your commercial property floors, you should hire commercial strip and wax services as often as you should. But, first, you need to know what the service procedure entails- this is illustrated below.

Steps included in a Commercial Strip and Wax service

The procedure that you should expect from your professional service provider as far as commercial strip and wax service is concerned is illustrated below;

Stripping Of The Floors

Stripping of the floors is the first step, and it involves getting rid of dirt and debris that might form on the floor you are working on. The stripping part also gets rid of wax that formed a layer on the floor after the last appointment.

Application Of A Sealant

At this point, the floor is bare as the dirt, debris, and layer of wax have been removed. What follows next is the application of a sealant on the floor. At this stage, the floor is buffed, which provides it with a bright appearance that makes it shine- making it look sparkling new.

Application Of Wax

The final step is waxing the floor. A coat of wax is applied on the floor to protect the buffing that makes the floor shine. The wax makes the floor full proof of heavy foot traffic. The shine on the floor is also maintained for a significant period. Scuffs and ugly marks will be a thing of the past thanks to the application of the wax.

System4 of Indianapolis applies this procedure to guarantee that you get quality and long-lasting results. In addition, our team works with the advanced and latest equipment that get the job done within the shortest time possible to avoid causing inconveniences that are common with interruptions that occur when the stripping and waxing of the floors are being done.

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You can make an appointment with our team and schedule the service even for after-hours and weekends. As a result, we can complete the work within the schedule- ensuring you enjoy using the floor with limited interruptions.

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