Pressure Washing FAQ

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions about power washing. Even though System4 of Indianapolis only works with commercial and industrial clients, we have added some FAQs that can help out if you’re thinking about power washing your home.

The process of pressure washing starts with a high-pressure hose that shoots water at the surface. The water is then blasted with enough force to remove dirt and debris from the surface.

Pressure washing services are often used to clean industrial buildings or parking lots. They can also be used for smaller jobs like sidewalks and driveways.

General Pressure Washing Questions

Power washing is a term for any type of cleaning that uses water and high pressure to remove dirt, mold, and mildew from surfaces.

The pressure washer works by pushing water at high speeds through a nozzle at the end of a hose. The nozzle can be adjusted to change the size and shape of the spray pattern. The nozzle also has an opening that controls how much water flows out of it. Pressure washers are available in gas-powered or electric models, depending on what you need them for.
Pressure washing uses a high-pressure stream of water to remove dirt, grime, and other debris from a surface. The pressure can be applied by hand, with a hose and nozzle, or with a machine. Power washing uses an electric motor to pump water at high pressure through a spray nozzle mounted on a lance or truck-mounted platform.

Pressure washing can damage windows, window seals, vinyl siding, stucco. The first word after all is "pressure." Pressure washing can damage pretty much anything. That’s when people have to be careful where they’re using it.

If your neighbor gets a new pressure washer and he does his driveway, the next day you will see the different light/dark spots that are left from his work. People have to be careful how much pressure, how close they get, what chemicals they use, etc.

Under facilities management/facilities services.

Commercial Pressure Washing Questions

As required - There are a couple of things to take into account.

Due to oil pouring out of the rear entrance, several establishments have this service performed every week. Some of our clients get it done weekly, while others have it done once a month.

For example, grocery shops and restaurants that deal with grease/nasty material get it done often since they don't want their customers to see or walk on the grease/built-up grime.

Depends on what 'new' means. If your concrete is brand new, let's say, 2 days old, you could but there would be no need for it. It is also important to let the concrete cure. Unless there’s an oil stain you can wait a couple of months before thinking about pressure washing services.

If you're getting the outdoor patio serviced, make sure to remove all furniture that is on top and around the area that will be worked on.

If you're getting your parking lot serviced, make sure that all cars and obstructions are removed so the surface is easy to get to.

The top 2 reasons are because of appearance & safety.

If you have concrete floors coated with grease at your restaurant and you walk to the back, slip & fall, chances are that your staff probably only mops the floors. Mopping only spreads the grease rather than removing it.

For situations like this, our team uses steamers & scrubbers. Since Pressure Washers use a lot of water and pressure, our steamers use steam and some pressure. There are different applications for different surfaces.

For more commercial FAQ’s and information on our pressure washing services.

Residential Power Washing Questions

It depends on how dirty it is but you should probably do it once every year for best results.
There are many benefits including getting rid of dirt and grime that has accumulated over time as well as removing mold. If you plan on using power washing as a method to remove mold on the exterior of your home, it is recommend to also use a bleach solution for maximum results.

Pressure washing is the process of applying high-pressure water to surfaces in order to remove dirt, grime, and other forms of contamination. This process can be applied to both outdoor and indoor furniture.

While it is possible, you need to keep in mind the PSI and the material you plan to clean. For example, you could possibly pressure wash plastic furniture, but definitely not wood.

Yes, but there is no need unless it has a huge oil stain or something similar.

The effects of pressure washing are noticed immediately. Since it's mostly water, you're able to drive on the area as soon as you're done.

Yes, NEVER use bleach for anything. Here are 6 Tips on Bleach Precautions.

Yes, with the proper chemicals and methodology. Let's take for example that someone might go into their garage with a small 1500 psi (over-the-counter from Lowes/Home Depot). Will it remove the spot from the garage floor? Yes. But you need to use the right chemical and the right pressure. Circle motions, like window cleaning, is the best way to scrub the floor so even if you use the wrong pressure you’d still have a decent-looking finish.
Yeah, it can. Depends on application, brick, and how thick the paint is.
If you're looking to pressure wash your patio, make sure to remove all the furniture from the area you'll be working on.

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