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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Westfield

Carpets are good for more than just their aesthetic value. They trap allergens in the fiber, which prevents them from being airborne. However, over time, the build-up of dirt and grime on your carpet can have negative repercussions on the overall office. You and your business members can easily become sick as a result of dirty carpets. If you are looking for a qualified carpet cleaning company in Westfield, System4 Indy is the way to go. As a cleaning and janitorial company that has been in the industry for over two decades, we have all it takes to ensure your carpet is clean and lengthen its lifespan.


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We are a cleaning service based in Westfield, Indianapolis, and our goal is to offer our clients quality cleaning services. System4Indy is Westfield’s number one cleaning service, thanks to our professionalism and the use of environment-friendly cleaning products.
Our clients have enjoyed our amazing deep cleaning services over the years, and we have since expanded to other parts of Indianapolis. We guarantee that your experience with us will be easy yet effective. Furthermore, your carpet will remain clean, until it needs to be washed by a professional again.

One-time cleaning or reoccurring services – You can count on System4 to be there day or night!

Facts about dirty carpets

Cleaning your carpet might seem like an easy task. Just pour some water, add some detergents or chemicals, brush a little, then place it where there is enough space to dry. However, that is not how you should do it. Some parts need professional deep cleaning. The chemicals used should be effective and harmless to the environment humans. Below are interesting facts about dirty carpets. These facts show you why your carpet may need professional cleaning.

Sandy Soil Tears Your Carpet

If you have a closer look at your carpet and part the pile, you might be surprised to spot a sandpit of soil. Unfortunately, the sand cannot be reached by home vacuum cleaners. The dirt is not visible in most cases, but it continuously grinds on your carpet and upholstery each time you sit or walk on your carpet, and will lead to its deterioration.

Dirty Carpets Harbor Germs That Can Make You Ill

Carpets are a valuable item in any commercial space. They act as filters, trapping damaging air pollutants like bacteria, pollen, cigarette smoke, residues, and fungi. However, the reality is, once the carpet gets full, it is not in a position to trap or hold these pollutants, and that is when you start getting complaints from your customers about feeling unwell. Regular professional carpet cleaning is the only effective way to remove such contaminants.

Carpets Are A Host To Greasy Residue And Dirt

Your clients carry residue to your restaurant from outside and dry on your carpet. When the residue dries, it attracts lock-in dirt to your carpet fibers, causing a color change to your carpet when it gets compounded. If left uncatered, it can lead to an unsightly look and become permanent.

More Bugs Than Your Toilet

Rags are a great option when it comes to flooring. Rags provide warmth and comfort and give that good feeling on your feet. However, it gets dirty over time because of the traffic it encoun-ters. It is a germs hotspot, and it is known to be a host to dangerous germs, 4000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. In addition, they can host various organisms in them.

Why You Need Our Services

Advanced Technology:

Tired of your current Westfield, Indianapolis carpet cleaning service? Our unmatched revolutionary technology uses the power of oxygen which helps break down everyday stains and dirt that has been stuck on your carpet for years.

Bring Back Your Carpet To Life

The advancement in technology has enabled us to take our duties a notch higher by using state-of-the-art low moisture cleaning systems that play an essential role in bringing back your carpets to life without damaging them.

Carpet Holds Dirt And Germs

Let’s face it, we all wash our clothes regularly and sometimes wear a jacket once and then wash it. However, most people overlook the amount of dirt and germs that the carpet holds, and cleaning it is way down the list.

Terminate 98% Of Pollutants And Dirt

If you’re looking forward to removing dangerous bacteria and pollutants from your carpets, you only have one choice, find a professional carpet cleaning service in Westfield, Indianapolis.
We ensure that our cleaning services successfully terminate 98% of pollutants and dirt from your carpets.

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Switch today to Westfield Indianapolis for effective and professional service. We prioritize safety, and that is why we use environment-friendly equipment and prod-ucts, and our cleaning process is safe for both your loved ones and pets. If you are looking for the best Westfield carpet cleaning service, call System4 Indy today at 317-222-1039 or log in to our online portal and schedule or book an appointment with us.

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Carpet Cleaning Westfield

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